You are going to buy a classic car because you like it and can’t wait anymore. Okay it’s really tempting to make impulsive buying on discovering your dream car. But isn’t it more ideal situation that you get your dream car and also could be able to drive it for a very long time.  Then use this sixty three points checklist and thoroughly evaluate each point to make the perfect error free decision each time.

Classic Cars Utah: Error Free Decision  Every Single Time

Don’t get intoxicated with older cars love and save yourself from “beer goggles.” Check the list below

1-First Thing First:  Proper Car Document?

Ask the owner to provide you with full paper work and documents of the potential car and also check VIN number. Everything should be original without alterations.

2-Check Pictures of Restored Car

In case of any restoration do check the pictures taken before, after or during.

3-Service History

Also check the repairs, oil changes and other maintenance history.

4-Smoke Checking

Start the car and check if any smoke is coming out of exhaust. Not all classic cars Utah are perfect   so examine carefully.

5-Engine Noise

Do notice engine noise to get an idea of engine quality both in cold and hot state.

6-Rev the Engine

Increase the running speed of the engine by pressing the accelerator to check whether it’s smooth or not and document the noise conditions as well.

7-Hot Engine Check

After engine rev let it become hot and again check for the car exhaust smoke.

8-Road Test

Now get ready for a test drive and inspect the performance of engine and acceleration

9-Engine Noise

Check the car at high and low speeds for engine nice

10-Transaxle Noise

          Also listen your classic car Utah for automatic /transaxle or transmission noise.

         11-Automatic Transmission

Notice whether the Automatic transmission is shifting in a smooth way.

12-Drive Axle and Transfer Case

While test driving your potential classic cars Utah, don’t forget to check gear, transfer case bearings or drive axle   noise.  Also notice the car for abnormal vibrations

13-Manual Clutch Checking

Checking the chatter, engagement and slippage of the clutch is also worthy.

14-Steering Responsiveness

Give a couple of minutes to feel the steering smoothness and responsiveness while driving.

15-Brakes Check

Check the brakes for 4 things:  noise, effectiveness, pulling and operation.


Have a check of quality again on four things i.e. tachometer, speedometer, gauge operation and odometer.

17-Battery Oil

While test drive, document all things in both hot and cold states these 4 notable things are gauges, battery oil and temperature.

18-Road Suspension

How the car will perform on a rough road can be checked by rough road suspension.

19-Rust is not Good

Check the car by inspecting the exterior for rust

19-Damaged Car

Carefully inspect for any damage or repairs

20-Mismatched Paint and Dents

Thoroughly check the body panels if there are any dents, or paint is mismatched etc.

21-Use of Magnets

It’s very easy to detect the car for any filler used in dents by applying a magnet.

22-Chrome Damage

You also need to check the car for chrome damage or improper repairs.  Moreover alignment check is also important.

23-Play with the Doors

Fully satisfy yourself about the condition of doors, tailgate, trunk and hood by opening and closing it.

24-Proper Attachment

Carefully check dings, molding for bends/grills, missing parts and proper attachment as well. And do note if any you find anything out of balance.

25-Windshield and Windows

Inspect damages, cracks, or repairs of windshield and all windows (side and rear). Also have a view on wiper marks.

26-Hinge Operation

Condition of mirrors and how the hinge is operation is also important to check.

27-Lights Check

Check all exterior and interior lights including brake lights, tail lights, and head lights. Reverse lights, parking lights, high and low beams. Signal turning, fog and dashboard lights, etc. These all lights should be operational.

28-Cracked Lenses

Don’t forget to check any clouded or cracked lens.

29-Interior Seats

Check the interior portion of the car for operational seat belts and operational horn.

The horn should be working

30-Speaker System

Test the sound system including speakers, alarm and audio/radio.

31-AC Check

Check the AC condition along with other systems such as ventilation/defogger/defroster/ heating.


Check the clock for time keeping.

33-Tilt Lock

Steering, tilt and lock should be operational.

34-Mirror Condition

How is the condition of rear mirror? It’s also very important.

35-Power Outlets

Check the power outlets condition along with lighter and operation.

36-Accessories Box

A bird’s eye view on glove box and light.


Check the condition of armrest and console operation.

38-Fuel Filler Door

Is fuel filler door releasing properly.

39-Door Handles

Inspect whether all the doors and handles are operating flawlessly.

40-Carpet and Floor

What’s the condition of door panels/ sun visors/ carpets/ floor mats/ headliners?

41-Door Locks

It’s important to check the automatic and manual car doors functionality.

42-Oil Leaks

Now open the hood up and check the car for oil leaks

43-Air Filters

Assess the condition of air filters for oil.

44-Oil Check

Look closely at oil and check the clarity, sludge, water and level.

45-Timing Belt

Also look at chain and timing belt.

46-Fluid Levels

Checking of fluid levels is equally important


Examine the belts for any wear and tear and separated edges or fraying.

48-Fuel Pumps Leaks

Fuel pump should be in good condition so also inspect it.

49-Engine Mounts

Engine mount is a framework of steel tubing and is used to mount the engine, it’s very important to check it before buying your vehicle.

50-Radiator Cap

Scrutinize the radiator cap by pressure test.

51-Water Pump

Scan the leaks of water pump if any.


Don’t take the wiring of your classic cars Utah light so look over it as well.


A hose or belt failure can lead to overheated engine. Don’t forget to check the hoses before buying your favorite car.

54-Upholstery Check

Check the condition of seat padded covering i.e upholstery for any possible rips, cracks, satins, fading   wear etc.

55-Vinyl Leather Materials

Probe the actual condition of vinyl leather materials including top, moon roof and sunroof.

56-Headline and Dashboard

Checking the headliner for splitting and also look at the dashboard door.

57-Convertible Tops

Besides checking convertible tops also inspect top boot.

58-Tire Check

Tires size, depth of tread and pressure check is mandatory.

59-Valve Stems

Scan the valve stems for good or bad condition.

 60-Tires Match

Check whether all the tires match each other and also have a look at the spare match.

61-Luggage Compartment

When you are inspecting the car then how could you forget to check the luggage compartment?  It should be free of rust.

62-Availability of Tools

Also check whether you will be provided with the jack or other tools or you have to buy yourself.

63-Rubber Parts of Classic Car Utah

What is the condition of rubber parts used in windshield wipers? Also don’t ignore exterior and interior splitting of rubber trim.

Conclusion: You can take note of all these above steps and can further discuss it with a trustworthy mechanic or anyone expert in this filed.  Remember if during this entire process the seller or dealer distracts you and points you in different areas then it’s a clear signal that you should look more thoroughly. Complete checklist will give you a proper understanding about the overall car condition and the total cost of repairs. Surely you can negotiate the best deal with your classic car dealer or seller after having your inspection checklist in your hand.

Have a successful inspection of all potential classic cars Utah. Cheers

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