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All You Need to Know About the New Audi A4 All Road Quattro

The brand new Audi A4 All Road Quattro has gained a huge amount of attention for a multitude of reasons. You have a style that immediately captures attention without being too flashy. You have the estate size without it feeling like your grandmother’s car or something unmanageable. You have features and luxury that you expect of any modern car. You have the power and ability to go off road while still maintaining that comfortable drive on the normal roads. To make all of this even better, you also have an affordable price compared to the A6 model and its competitors. It is, overall, one of the top options on the market.

Start with the looks. On the inside and the outside, it is an attractive vehicle. While it is certainly no sports car or high-class luxury vehicle, it is still moderately attractive. For the average family, it is the perfect way to get all of the functions and features one would need while in a good-looking package without making too much of a statement.

The family will love the estate size, too. When you want to make sure that you can carry around the kids to school or sports, or you want to pick up friends and family for drinking and having fun, this will have the space. The Audi A6 model does have more space, but only slightly. This can still fit everyone in nicely without having that higher price the A6 has.

Again, it is a fully modern vehicle. There is nothing about the A4 model that makes it lesser compared to its competitors or the higher priced A6 model. Audi has made sure to include many of the features that the average buyer will want in their vehicle.

The A4 is versatile, too. With all of the comfort, luxury, and space it offers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it can’t go off road, but it can. You can easily take it through rough terrain to explore more of the countryside or go on a bit of a high-speed adventure. When back on the regular roads, you can put everything back to normal driving settings and enjoy a comfortable ride.

With the A4 model offering a versatile, comfortable, and exciting ride, you might think there is a large price tag attached to it. The A4, though, is in the £30,000 range, depending on the particular model that you choose. It is less expensive than the Audi A6 model and many of the competitors on the market.

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