Audi Q3 2015 Facelift

Audi Q3 2015 Facelift

It seems like Audi has new things in store of the little Q3, as the model is set to receive a facelift. Available from February 2015, at an estimated starting price of £23.180, it stands out from the crowd through a host of improvements both at the level of the exterior and under the bonnet.

The front end incorporates a larger, redesigned radiator grille that follows the cues set by the TT, with angular lines being employed instead of the more rounded aspect that dominated the past generation. Order that car in a colour other than gray and you will notice that a thin strip of metal now joins the headlamps with the grille, creating a very pleasant visual effect. A series of modifications at the level of the front and rear bumpers are observable at a closer look, including the twin exhaust pipes that are exposed and integrated in the bodywork rather than being hidden.

Regarding the interior, the careful thought out cabin has been relatively untouched as only the addition of new materials represents a notable change.

In the engine department, you’ll be happy to know that all new Q3s will comply to the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations, as all the power plant employed are up to 17 per cent more efficient than before. Every single engine choice will be supercharged, while the power figures oscillate between 120 and 220 horsepower, from a 1.4 litre TFSI, a 2.0 litre TFSI or a 2.0 litre TDI. The least fuel demanding motoring unit will be the clean ultra diesel that develops 150 horsepower and promises a mixed cycle consumption figure of 53.4 mpg and a low emission level of 114g/km.

Should you want something more potent, there’s always the RS Q3 Facelift. The performance version of the standard Q3 also received a makeover, which includes a much more aggressive look and new choices of rims and interior trims. The 5 cylinder turbocharged, 2.5 litre engine delivers a total of 340 horsepower, a figure that is not modest at all.

The RS Q3 promises improved handling, increased dynamic performance and a more rigid suspension system over the regular car. A 7-gear automatic transmission (S-Tronic) and with the Quattro 4 wheel drive system will be in charge of delivering the engine power to the road. The top speed will remain limited to 155mph, but, on request it can be removed. The 0 to 62 acceleration time has been improved, as 0.7 seconds were shaved off compared to the previous generation and in a mere 4.8 seconds you will be propelled to the 62mph mark.  The price will be equal to the performances – elevated – as the estimated cost will revolve around the figure of £44.318.

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