Audi previews the all new A9 ahead of unveiling

Audi previews the all new A9 ahead of unveiling

The Audi A9, set to be unveiled at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, is a concept that will represent the future design path of the upcoming generations of premium automobiles produced by the factory.

Audi has released a trailer, as well as a few teaser images that hint at what is hidden under the silver drape covering the car, but which reveal only details and a camouflaged profile.

The chief designer, Marc Lichte, has stated that the main inspiration for the A9 concept lies in the Audi 90 IMSA GTO, a legendary track car, as well as in the first generation TT and the luxurious A8 limousine. By combining the essence of Audi’s heritage track machines with the beautifully proportioned aspect of the most luxurious car presently constructed by the brand, the grand A8 and the balance of forms found in the 1998 TT, the A9 concept came to life.

Although the teaser images and video show less than we would have wished, there are some characteristics that stand out and which we can reveal to our readers.

First of all, this car has been manufactured not out of the desire to bring yet another model on the market, but from the desire of presenting to the world what will characterize Audi’s future design from now on. Smoother lines, bordering on the edge of the organic and aggressive, meet to form the silhouette of the A9. The polished alloy wheels have a 10 spoke design, with Y-shaped arms, that seem hand sculpted rather than fabricated by machines. Moving on to the front, the signature Audi grille, a feature that adorns every model of the company, is much wider and stretches even more into the front bumper. Its flowing curvatures have disappeared and made way to a more geometrical interpretation, which includes chrome strake detailing behind the large Audi logo.

The sharp lines continue to the bumper air intakes that sit right in front of the front axle. The deformed parallelogram shape resembles nothing the company has in production at the moment, emphasizing the novel; design approach. Reworked headlamps are also curvature free, their sharp nature being observable not only through their contour, but through the arrangement of the lights inside. Audi’s laser lamp technology, introduced on the R8 LMX and the R8 Competition is expected to lie behind them, as well as an array of LED day-time running lights.

The side profile resembles that of the A7, while the short rear end presents a subtle boot spoiler, integrated into the bodywork, rather than being a separate element.

From what we’ve seen, the A9 promises to be a car that will not only be a show stopper, but which also could, at a given time in the future, be considered a classic. Interested? Then Follow the Los Angeles Auto Show, where Audi will display their latest vision.


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