Audi joins forces with chocolate confectioner to create the sweetest car of all time

Audi joins forces with chocolate confectioner to create the sweetest car of all time

The German brand Audi is commonly associated with the production of premium automobiles, yet from time to time, stepping out of the pattern is necessary. While the collaboration with various artists has not been a novelty for the manufacturer, the present story is.

Taking place at the Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrjik, Belgium the unveiling of the chocolate covered car was done in an exclusive ambiance. The Interieur is, at its core, a design fair, created for artists to display their latest furniture and interior design creations. However, the atmosphere goes beyond that of a simple display show, as cultural diversity, innovation and prestige combine to create an unmatched experience. This innovative side of the event was what attracted Audi into the mix, as the collaboration between chocolate confectioner Joost Arjis and the car maker celebrates the liberation from the constraints of daily life and emphasizes that Audi is not only an automobile manufacturer, but also a way of life. This Audi as way of life concept has been interpreted by the chocolate confectioner through the help of the third generation TT Coupe.

A staggering 27.000 chocolates have been painstakingly placed on the surface of the sports car, following a set pattern. From soft to hard coat and from simple black pralines to colourful spheres, the multitude of chocolates followed the contours of the car.

A departure from the design of the second generation, the 2015 is more dramatically styled and promises a completely new dynamic experience for the driver. The creativity of the Belgian chocolate maker, together with the precision engineering and design philosophy of the German car maker have lead to the making of this never before seen concept.

Unfortunately, due to the use of an adhesive to hold the sweets in place, the creation served only as proof of concept, so the little chocolates remained off-limits for the audience. However, the memory will live on, as thousands of photographs and videos have been shot – or recorded, capturing the innovative idea set forth by Audi.

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