Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI Ultra (2015) Facelift

Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI Ultra (2015) Facelift

The cleanest diesel from the A7 range hits the market.

Since its inception, the Audi A7 has been one of the most beautiful models in the manufacturer’s range. Mated to a high-tech, luxurious interior and powered by massive power plants, it was an instant success among Audi enthusiasts and not only.

For 2015, the A7 Sportback will receive a much deserved facelift that will include the addition of a brand new engine, under the form of a turbocharged diesel.

The exterior of the vehicle has received a refresh. The large grille now moves in line with the other Audi products, as its lines are more angular and less curved. The headlamps are divided by a LED strip running through their middle, creating a stunning visual effect and the side air intakes are united by a thin slit sitting just below the grille. Overall, the fascia gives the impression of a malevolent grin.

The side profile has kept the same sleek appearance, with the curved windows and the dipping roofline almost untouched. The taillights have reduced their surface area a bit, while the glass has gotten clearer and house an LED strip that is fashioned to mimic the front arrangement.

In the cabin, interior space has remained the same, as only minor touches have been made. Having yacht design as inspiration, a new palette of five colours has been added to the choices for interior decorations. Alongside pure metal inserts, customers will now have at their disposal the beautifully crafted Beaufort walnut wood trim with aluminium inlays as well as Valcona leather.

The much praised previous TDI propulsion unit has been replaced by another unit. Still keeping its 3.0 litre displacement, the turbocharged V6 now has less power than the standard diesel – 218 as compared to 272, but it fares much better with regard to fuel economy. The estimated target figure is 50 miles per gallon on a combined cycle – precisely 12 miles per gallon better than the previous (2014) version.

Acceleration figures are not something to be ashamed of either, as the TDI engine will push the A7 to the 62 mph mark in just 7.3 seconds; put the pedal to the floor and the top speed will be an equally swift 148.5 miles per hour.

In the event that you fancy purchasing the new luxury sedan, the price for the 3.0 litre TDI Ultra version revolves around the figure of £48,665, with no optional included. Should you decide to go over that, the £655 pearlescent red paint would be our recommendation, as it will bring out the best in the car and it will most definitely turn it into a looker!


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