Audi R8 Competition

Audi R8 Competition

The fastest ever R8 under the spotlight.

 The latest incarnation of Audi’s supercar, the R8, bears the “Competition’ moniker.

Only recently unveiled, it bears tribute to the R8 LMS Ultra race car, by incorporating a multitude of design touches that underline its race-track inspired DNA. As a result, it’s quicker, it has an improved aerodynamic profile and not the least important, a heftier price tag.

Although the changes aren’t dramatic, as this is only a limited edition, not an entirely different model, the cues still stand out if compared to a non-modified R8.

The front section houses a slightly redesigned grille with silver strakes that also make an appearance on the side air intakes in the front bumper, a brand new set of laser light headlamps which, when lit, accentuate the aggressive nature of the vehicle and a front splitter made out of carbon fibre. The laser light system used in the front lights is the first of this type in the world and is controlled by a complex sensor array that also includes cameras. Two race inspired canards, on the sides of the bumper, channel the air around the car and serve as aerodynamic aids that create downforce at high speeds.

The mirrors, engine bay, rear diffuser and the fixed rear spoiler are painted black and are fabricated from composite materials, making the car even lighter that it already was. The large, gloss-black rims measure 189 inches in diameter and were created by Audi’s Exclusive division, that takes care of personalizing customers cars. Sitting behind the metal wheels are 15 inch carbon-ceramic brake discs that feature anodized red brake callipers.

In the cockpit, the illuminated door sills which read “Competition” will surely impress. The seats, dashboard, roof and door panels are covered in a combination of black leather and Alcantara, with red stitching, although the standard combination may be replaced by the customer as per preference. The central console is fabricated from carbon fibre and given a matte finish, with only a few touches of glossy composites standing out.

The engine that will be powering the car is the same, Lamborghini-sourced V10. Having a displacement of 5.2 litres and a maximum power output of 570 horsepower, it will be able of propelling the vehicle to a maximum top speed of 190 miles per hour. The acceleration time from 0 to 62mph takes only 3.2 seconds, making it the fastest ever R8.

A limited run of 60 examples is scheduled, with an expected price tag of over £164.500, so if you plan to snag one up, you better hurry!




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