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The future is now Introducing Audi’s new electric supercar, E-Tron GTR

There is no doubt that electrification is the future. And therefore, this will spell the end of the internal combustion engine. Audi, trying to capitalize on this, is introducing E-Tron GTR which blends supercar levels of performance with the very latest battery technology.

There’s still a long way to go until the car hits the showrooms, though. According to various sources of the automotive industry, the so-called E-Tron GTR won’t arrive until 2022.

The new electric supercar will offer a combined output of 650 bhp coming from three electric motors. Performance should be on a hyper car level, at least in terms of acceleration and this would allow the car to boost up from zero to sixty-two mph in a touch over seconds.

The E-Tron GTR is said to employ an all-wheel-drive system and utilize a solid-state battery pack with a 95-kWh capacity granting enough juice for 300 miles. The sports activities automobile is also said to have a wireless charging capability, although there’s no word on how long the recharging method will take.

The car is said to stem from the same platform underpinning the Porsche Taycan electric saloon and will reportedly feature an aluminum monocoque chassis keeping weight in check.

Now it is difficult to speculate on the price of this supercar, given that the car won’t arrive for several years. However, if we consider that the current R8 costs around £130.000, if the E-Tron GTR comes with advanced technology that isn’t available on any other vehicle, it may cost considerably more.

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