Audi RS5 Coupé

Audi RS5 Coupé  

Arguably one of the most beautiful looking Coupés currently being available on the market, the RS5 Coupé from Audi is a real head turner.

Although put alongside some of its competitors, its design may seem subdued, it’s all about the details. Just like a woman which necessitates a second or a third look to fully grasp her fine features, the RS5’s appeal lies in its subtle sportiness and its raw nature disguised under organic lines. The mirror housings and the front splitter lip are painted in silver, a signature trait of the RS line.  The rear of the vehicle is uncluttered, with only the two oval exhausts and the air diffuser breaking the calmness of the lines. The boot incorporates an active spoiler that sits retracted during regular cruising, but rises once the speed of 70 miles per hour is reached.

Inside the cabin, a flat bottom steering wheel with the RS6 logo will greet you. The sports seats have excellent lateral support and are very well profiled. Leather and soft touch materials decorate the cockpit, while aluminium and carbon fibre inserts are available on demand.

The large grille has a silver mesh decor, with the red and gray RS6 badge on its right side. The headlamps are xenon powered and have LED daytime running lights, arranged in a typical pattern, that give the vehicle a unique appearance once they are lit. The large air intakes in the front bumper feed air to the front brakes, while the ample wheel arches are wider than those on the standard A5, so as to accommodate the large track tires.

Part of the appeal of the vehicle lies under the bonnet, where its heart – related to the fabled R8 supercar – pulsates. A powerful, 4.2 litre TFSI V8 engine develops up to 450 horsepower, enabling it to reach the 62 miles per hour mark from a stand-still in less than 4.6 seconds.

Put your foot down and the rev counter will not stop until it reaches 8.250 rpm, while the exhaust will bark and howl like a demon. Very few sports cars manage this performance, supercars aside, which is a truly remarkable feat. However, the engine will also be happy to hum at low rpm’s, if you need to pass unnoticed, as it doesn’t require to be revved if there is no need to. A seven speed S-tronic, double clutch gearbox is in charge of gear changes, which occur instantly and contribute to the smooth driving experience that the car provides.

Providing exceptional feedback to the driver, the steering feels precise and sharp, while the stiff springs provide a stable ride, without any noticeable body roll, even in tight corners. Providing an unrivalled experience and being an excellent value for money automobile, the RS5 Coupé is a true driver’s car.


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