Audi Q5

Audi Q5

The Q5 represents the mid-range SUV offer coming from Audi. Sitting between the small Q3 and the larger Q7, it seeks to fill a marketplace gap.

Although it sports a relatively high ground clearance (200mm) and has four wheel drive, it’s more suitable for on-road use than off-roading. However, considering that most people buy an SUV for the status symbol it represents and less for its abilities, the Q5 will do just fine.

The interior space is very large, as the rear passengers will have plenty of room for their head and knees; even the middle seat will allow for a comfortable position, as the transmission tunnel is not as profiled as in other cars. The boot has no lip, so you will be able to easily slide out your luggage in and out. Measuring 580 litres in standard configuration, it can be extended to over 1.560 litres if needed, when the rear seats are folded. What’s more, the rear seats fold very easily and they lock in place for a secure position. A multitude of cubicle sits at your disposal, including a storage space under the armrest.

The feeling of quality is accentuated by the fact that all cars, regardless of engine choice or trim level, come with leather upholstery. Even the dashboard, an area most often ignored by manufacturers, has a soft touch feel and seems incredibly expensive, so you may rest assured, your money will be well spent.

On the engine front, the 3.0 litre turbocharged diesel is the most potent propulsion unit found on the Q5. A total output of 245 horsepower and 428 lb ft of torque makes sure that the tires are grippy and the handling is precise. In fact, considering that this is an SUV and not a sedan, it handles surprisingly good, as it exhibits barely any body roll on tight corners and it sports a direct and sharp steering. 0 to 62 mph will be done in a mere 5.8 seconds, time that puts certain compacts to shame.

Also, the exterior styling is very sensible, as it does not feature any black plastic cladding on the bumpers or wheel arches, like so many manufacturers in the auto industry like to employ for crossovers and SUVs. The short front and rear overhangs make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than its larger brother, the Q7, but that may be a question of subjectivity and is best left for potential owners to decide.



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