Audi A8 L W12

Audi A8 L W12

Arguably one of the most monstrous creations to come out of Audi’s stable, the A8 L W12 is the manufacturer’s answer to the Mercedes S500 and the Porsche Panamera.

Sporting a huge W12 propulsion unit with a displacement of 6.3 litres, the most powerful A8 has an output of 500 horsepower, while the estimated 0 to 62 time is travelled in under 4.2 seconds. The Quattro system is still in place, standard, as expected, and the air ride suspension takes care of cushioning any imperfections on the road.

The car has received a rather subtle facelift, that a total makeover, but Audi, aside from DTM and rally racing has never been known for excesses in the visual department. However, don’t consider it a flaw, as a myriad of changes have been made and in order to notice it you need to take a closer look.

First, the optical units have been replaced by redesigned LED units, currently being the most spectacular looking headlamps in the entire Audi line-up. The massive grille has been upgraded to the new language design introduced by the third generation TT and it sports a more angular design, while also increasing in dimensions, making the fascia of the car even more imposing. Behind the thin chrome strips that decorate it, a silver metallic mesh covers the radiators, as well as the front bumper air intakes, giving it a very classy appearance.

Just below the headlamps, what seem to be faux fog lights is in fact the hiding place for short, mid and high range lasers that are part of the innovative safety technologies introduced by Audi on its flagships.

The side profile still retains the signature A8 look, as the streamlined lines travel the length of the car from front to back, giving it a pleasing to the eye aspect. For an extended limousine, the A8 looks surprisingly supple; hats off to the designers, as they made a 2ton+ beast look so sleek!

The rear of the vehicle has received a new set of rear LED lamps that seem to blend in perfectly with the lines of the car, while a thin chrome strip runs the entire length of the rear, from lamp to lamp. An integrated boot spoiler is in place and the lower bumper looks much cleaner than before, as it seamlessly integrates the two flattened exhausts.

More spacious than in the standard A8, the interior space has increased, due to the addition of an extra 127mm of wheelbase. Thus, the rear passengers will be able to have more leg space at their disposal. A pair of high reclining rear seats feature heating and massage systems as standard, while the materials range from natural and artificial leather to alcantara, various types of wood and aluminium.

More options are available through Audi’s Exclusive program, which allows for customers to select either standard premium configurations or personalized set-ups, in any colour and material combination imaginable.

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